Participation in the Conference

Simple monitoring of the Congress

Open and free for all


Follow-up of the Conference and download tracking attestation

Students (at undergraduate or postgraduate level): 20 €

Large families, unemployed (unemployment card), members of the Club: 15 €

Pre-registration at the Congress (until 23 September 2016): overall participation: 10 €

Ways to register

 Print the application and submission of the manuscript, together with the amount of participation, at the offices of the Association *

Fill out the form and submit online (payment via wire transfer, paypal or cash at the offices of the Association *  Icon_document

* 7 Division 1, Building "Pythagoras"


Abstract submission

Has already begun receiving summaries with deadline June 4th, 2016. Information on the specifications of the summary can be found in the text of the invitation.

Ways of submitting

a text Submission) to the email address

b) fill out the form and submit online   Icon_document

For your convenience, you can download pre-configured two word files you will need to upload.

Anonymous file

Surname file