Alexandra Deligiorgi

Emeritus Professor Of Philosophy, Aristotlean University Of Thessaloniki





Curriculum vitae

Alexandra Deligiorgi is a Professor of philosophy, (with a special discipline of philosophy of social sciences) at the Department of Philosophy and Pedagogy of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Aristotlean University of Thessaloniki.
He studied philosophy at Aristotlean University of Thessaloniki and Sociology – Ethnology in Rene Descartes University , Paris V of Sorbonne (Maitrise, D.E.A.) and participated in interdisciplinary anthropology seminars at  the Ecole des Hautes Etudes in Paris. She is a PhD of Philosophy in the Aristotlean University of Thessaloniki, where she also teaches,
She was honoured by the french government scholarship to study in France, with a Fulbright Fellowship for research in City University of New York, with a scholarship for research at the University of Princeton, USA.
She worked in university libraries in Paris, in Oxford, in Columbia University, visited New York and La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, the University of Montreal, Canada, and the Academy of social sciences in Beijing.
In 1998 she was awarded a State Essay Prize for her essay on Nicolas Calas.
She is a member of the Society of European Authors, of Greek Philosophical Society, the Society of Greek Authors and the Society of Authors of Thessaloniki.
She published numerous articles in journals of philosophy, as well as in literature magazines, and wrote for to “Vima”, “Nea” and “Kathimerini” newspapers.
She was involved early on with the prose and continues to date her work in literature, alongside her teaching and research work, in philosophy.
Her short stories were translated into French, Dutch and German and published in foreign anthologies. The prosaic work was a doctoral dissertation object in a University of Germany (ed. Verlag, J.B.Metzler 1997)


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Philosophy of social sciences
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