Panagiotis Ifestos

Professor of international relations-strategic studies in Department of international and European studies, University of Piraeus




Present position at Piraeus University: Professor of international relations and strategic studies at the University of Piraeus, in Department of international and European studies, which was transferred from the Panteion University in 2007. In this section, it is also the Director of the master course.

Panteion University 1990-2007: From 1990 until 2007 he taught in the Department of International and European studies, Panteion University: Assistant Professor from 1990 until 1994, associate professor from 1994 to 1999 and full professor from 1999 until 2007 when she was deployed with the same rank at the Department of International and European studies of the University of Piraeus.

Earlier studies: Greek Gymnasium Lapithos, a graduate school of Merchant Navy Officers of Aspropyrgos.  Legal-Economic Studies, University of Athens (diploma). University Of Manchester (MA European Studies).  Brussels University (PhD in international relations, specializing in Strategic and European Affairs). Many publications of books, scientific articles and essays on issues of his specialty. Finally, it noted the service in diplwmatikik send to Brussels from 1978 until 1998.

Teaching. In Department of international and European studies, University of Piraeus, among other things, teaches the following courses: a) Diplomacy and strategy of the major European powers. b) strategic studies. c) European defence, security and political unification. d) war on international relations. e) American diplomacy and strategy. e) international relations Theory. f) Theory of European integration. g) History of international relations and strategy. the) international system and international governance. I) Diplomacy and strategy of the great powers.

Publications: hundreds of articles and essays in collective projects, scientific publications and general information leaflets. Almost all of them relate to international relations and particularly the strategic studies. Here are listed only published books (16 monographs):

  1. European Political Cooperation. Towards a framework of supranational diplomacy? England: Gower Publishers 1987.
  2. Nuclear Strategy and European Security Dilemmas. Towards an Autonomous European Defence System? England: Gower Publishers 1988.
  3. “Cyprus’s application for membership and the enlargement of the European Community, 1987-1991″, part II, at Hephaestus p.  & Tsardanidis ch., Cyprus’s relations with the European communities 1972 – 1992. Athens: Papazisis.
  4. “The European security system for the year 2000“, part b in Hephaestus p. & Tsardanidis ch., The European Security system and the Greek – foreign policy towards the 2000Athina: Sideris 1992.
  5. “Strategy of deterrence and the Greek foreign policy, part I”, at Hephaestus p. & Wide Ath., Greek Deterrent strategy (Athens: Papazisis 1992.
  6. European defence and European integration, multi-speed Europe and accusations against the European idea, Athens: Odysseas 1994.
  7. American foreign policy, from the idealistic innocence in the destiny of the nation. Athens: Odysseas 1994.
  8. The Exwelliniki mentality and its causes. Athens: Quality 1997.
  9. Diplomacy and strategy of the major European powers. France, Germany, Great Britain. Athens: 2000 Quality Versions.
  10.  International theory and European integration. Athens, Athens 2000, Quality Publications.
  11.  History, political philosophy and theory of international relations. Athens: 2000 Quality Versions.
  12.  “The geopolitical and geostrategic dimension of the Euro-Atlantic power podium», and «Atlantic Alliance and Euro-Atlantic space”, part I and Iii in Arvanitopoulos k. & Hephaestus, Euro-Atlantic relations. Athens: 2000 Quality Versions.
  13.  Diversity and intellectual values policy claims sovereignty, Defence, Security and political unification. Athens: 2001 Quality.
  14.  The war and its causes. Athens: 2002 Quality.
  15.  International relations as a subject of scientific study in Greece and abroad. Path, object, content and educational background. Athens: 2006 Quality.
  16. Worldview of Nations. Formation and containment of the States of Europe and the world. Athens: Quality 2009