Theophanes Tasis

Assistant Professor Philosophy, Freie Universität, Berlin




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Curriculum vitae

Voltage theophanes was born and raised in Munich. He studied physics and Philosophy in Greece and in Germany. He teaches modern philosophy at the Freie Universität Berlin. He was Stanley J Seeger. University of Princeton Fellow, Marie Curie Fellow at the Academie Louvain and Université Saint-Louis in Brussels. He has taught at universities in Greece, in Austria and in Germany. His research interests revolve around the concepts of mortality, image and political and especially the philosophy of art of life in figural society. His works ' Political life: the irony "(Eurasia, 2012) and" Castoriadis, a philosophy of autonomy "(Eurasia, 2007) have been awarded with the prize of the University of Athens Kaftantzoglio. In Greek there are still three projects: «Farmakon» (Eurasia) and the poetry collections "Physiological findings" (Kedros Publications) and "Afternoons capitalism" (Print Versions), and has translated works of Martin Heidegger and Roberto Unger. He is a member of the Humanistischer Verband Deutschlands and Greek philosophical society, while in recent years periodically writes articles in the newspaper Daily.


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(2009) Afternoons capitalism, Passed

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Participation in collective works

(2014) 5 universal Greek thinkers, The Versions of colleagues

(2011) the genesis of the Republic and the current crisis, Eurasia

(2010) Kabafeia 2007: homage to Cornelius Castoriadis thinker of the Delphic Amphictyony autonomy, Synchronous



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